8months ago…

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8months ago today, I received a call from my father-in-law at 5:30am; any call that early in the morning can’t be good news. I don’t remember the exact words he spoke, I just heard him say that my cousin Jonathan only 15years old had passed away.

Jonathan, sweet Jonathan, just 3 months shy of his 16th birthday was my favorite cousin of all my husband’s cousins. My husband Mike has over 20 first cousins and Jonathan was one of the youngest. I met him when he was 6yrs old; he wanted me to play flag football with him despite wearing a dress and heels! He was a charmer, he took care of everyone and he was a manipulator! He could get anything he wanted by flashing his big brown eyes, batting his lashes and telling you, “You’re so beautiful”!

Jonathan was a phenomenal athlete. He had a gift that doesn’t come along very often. He was a decent student and an exceptional hockey and lacrosse player. As he got older he became more and more involved with traveling teams, night games, high school games and his fellow team members were by his side at all times. As a matter of fact, I don’t even remember a Christmas without Jonathan on the phone with friends, on his way to a friend’s house or with his friends on the couch during the Secret Santa present swap. He was a popular kid and that is a fact.

As Jonathan got older and more involved with sports, friends, girlfriends, I saw him less. Anytime I did see him, he seemed a little moody but nothing that can’t be chalked up to good old teenage angst. What I failed to realize, what I failed to see was how much pain he was in. I still don’t even know how much he suffered but what I do know is that he chose to end his life.

Not a day goes by that I don’t think of him. His loss haunts me every day. This incredibly talented boy had such potential to make a mark on this world. He could have done anything, been anything. The pain inside was too much and he wasn’t strong enough to continue.

I ache inside for his family because in the grand scheme of life, Jonathan was a baby. He’ll never graduate from high school, he’ll never go to a prom, college, get married, have children. I’m grateful for the time that I had with him. I’m grateful that I knew him, that I loved him. I just wish I didn’t miss him so much.

I don’t know what was going through Jonathan’s mind the morning of March13. Nobody will know. I do know that if he knew how to ask for help that he would have. If he asked for help, if we heard his cries, he’d be here today. He’d be 16yrs old.

No matter what you are dealing with or how much emotional pain you feel, there is help out there. It might not be easy to ask for, and your problems won’t magically go away, but in time, things will get better.

RIP JJ 03/13/12

A few weeks ago I signed up to compete in my 2nd strongman competition on December 15th. This is a couple’s strongman competition whereby a male/female team compete each event together and your cumulative points determine how you place.

Enter Brian Shaw (not to be confused with Worlds Strongest Man Brian Shaw….though this Brian Shaw is ridiculously strong)! Brian is the husband of a friend I work with and if one word sums him up, I would say he is an “animal”. At 212lbs, he has a 650lb bench and a near 700lb deadlift and holds area records for squat, bench and deadlift in his weight class. Although he has not competed in the strongman circuit, I knew he’d be the perfect partner in the “Lightning Fitness Couples Strongman Competition”.

Our first event training was this past Saturday. Brian came armed with copies of NAS regulations, descriptions of each event including the weights for Novice, Lightweight and Heavyweight and a 6 week training program designed to prepare us for the event.

Gotta be honest….I was kind of taken aback at his preparedness but quite excited at his optimism!

Events we trained were:

  1. Farmers Walk (Me) – Competition weight is 150lbs each hand for 50ft. I trained at 150lbs with 2.5” grips for 75ft. The weight wasn’t bad at all; I just have to work on speed. Suitcase Carry/1 Armed Farmers Walk (Brian) – Competition weight is 150lbs for 50ft running back for the other 50ft. Brian ran with the equipment like he was being chased by a mob of zombies!
  2. Circus Dumbell Press – In competition this is actually a medley; 2 minute time Circus Dumbell 55lbs (Me)/120lbs (Brian), Axle 105lbs (Me)/245lbs (Brian), Log 110lbs (Me)/250lbs (Brian), Block 75lbs (Me)/175lbs (Brian). I have a LOT of work to do in this event seeing as I was not able to make a 100lb log press last month at NH Strongest Man. As a result, I will be working on my overhead pressing with a bunch of assistance work in the next 6 weeks.
  3. Deadlift for Reps – Competition weight is 205lbs (Me)/405lbs (Brian). Brian and I both prefer the sumo stance however NAS regulations only allow a conventional stance. Regardless this should be an easy event for both of us.

I left the gym Saturday feeling great until I realized I locked my keys in the car! Brian’s solution? Crowbar to the window! Luckily a guy at the business across the street came armed with a Slim Jim and opened the door in under 2 seconds. Phew! Crisis averted.

Yesterday I felt like I got hit by a truck. Every inch of my body was revolting particularly my shoulders, triceps and traps. I abandoned my typical diet of fasting until dinner and ate a TON of protein! I downed a couple ibuprofen and this morning I feel much better……just in time for some heavy squats!! I’ll throw a little grip work in there, some cleans and other assistance lifts for a good Day1 Week1 training session! If all else fails, there’s always a 1ton pallet of wood pellets waiting to be brought into the basement! Treat everything like a training session!!

2 days out…

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“A winning Strongman Athlete is often times not the strongest, but the most well rounded, well prepared, and mentally tough athlete in the competition. Strongman Training won’t just make you strong it will make you complete as an athlete.” www.strongmanathletics.com


In less than 2 days from now, I will have weighed in to compete in the 5th Annual NH Strongest Man and Woman competition. This is my first foray into the competitive strongman arena and I’m terrified. I am competing against 8 other exceptionally strong women; women who have trained just as much as I have (if not more) and women who want this as much as I do. These are my fellow women of strength.

The rundown of events on Saturday are as follows: http://www.nastrongman.com/pdf/2011/bonnie.pdf

100lb log clean and press (clean once, press for reps in 60sec)

485lb Tire Flip/400lb Sled Drag Medley (50’ each way)

160lb keg carry (50’ turn)

Truck Pull w/Harness (weight TBD)

117lb Atlas Stone over bar (48”) for reps in 60sec


I’ve trained every one of these events. Some I feel more confident in my abilities than others. This of course doesn’t prevent me from being a giant ball of nervous excitement mixed with scared shitless! I’m on display doing these events and the last thing I want is to get stage fright and not be able to perform.

I’ve begun to prepare my body for what will come Saturday and I have to say it hasn’t been easy. See…I’m an intermittent faster; this means I eat every 24 hours. I know what you’re thinking, “you’re starving yourself” and “how do you survive on one meal a day” and “good lord you’re crazy”! Well I’ll save my spiel on intermittent fasting for another day.

I digress…..

So yeah….eating for me isn’t easy because I’ve gotten so use to not eating during the day. Not only will I need to begin carb loading (I also carb backload…another blog post for a different day) but I’ll need to eat during the day of the competition. I’ve got a big list of groceries to buy, from bananas to pretzels to my favorite coconut Quest Protein bars. I will be ready. I just gotta eat it!

My body is ready, my mind is ready; I just have to stop doubting myself. I can do this. I can be better than awesome!


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“I am many things; mom of 2, nerdy scientist, superhero fanatic, fasting aficionado, gym rat and strongwoman. I am a warrior and a defender of the world. I am a hero; I am a Woman of Steel!”

I guess by writing this post, I am a blogger; or rather I’m trying to be a blogger?

I’ve been a blogger “wannabe” for awhile now. All of my closest friends are bloggers whether it be product review, mom blog, fashion blog or Seinfeld blog (you know what I’m talking about….where you blog a lot about nothing – my favorite kind of blog!). So by writing this post….I’m pretty legit!

The blog you are about to follow will be epic and contain adventures of the superhuman kind. There will be death defying acts of bravery and strength. You will bravely go where no one has gone before.

Wow I sound like a nerd! Get used to it! More to follow…..gotta go fight some crime!