Treat Everything Like a Training Session!

Posted: October 8, 2012 in Uncategorized

A few weeks ago I signed up to compete in my 2nd strongman competition on December 15th. This is a couple’s strongman competition whereby a male/female team compete each event together and your cumulative points determine how you place.

Enter Brian Shaw (not to be confused with Worlds Strongest Man Brian Shaw….though this Brian Shaw is ridiculously strong)! Brian is the husband of a friend I work with and if one word sums him up, I would say he is an “animal”. At 212lbs, he has a 650lb bench and a near 700lb deadlift and holds area records for squat, bench and deadlift in his weight class. Although he has not competed in the strongman circuit, I knew he’d be the perfect partner in the “Lightning Fitness Couples Strongman Competition”.

Our first event training was this past Saturday. Brian came armed with copies of NAS regulations, descriptions of each event including the weights for Novice, Lightweight and Heavyweight and a 6 week training program designed to prepare us for the event.

Gotta be honest….I was kind of taken aback at his preparedness but quite excited at his optimism!

Events we trained were:

  1. Farmers Walk (Me) – Competition weight is 150lbs each hand for 50ft. I trained at 150lbs with 2.5” grips for 75ft. The weight wasn’t bad at all; I just have to work on speed. Suitcase Carry/1 Armed Farmers Walk (Brian) – Competition weight is 150lbs for 50ft running back for the other 50ft. Brian ran with the equipment like he was being chased by a mob of zombies!
  2. Circus Dumbell Press – In competition this is actually a medley; 2 minute time Circus Dumbell 55lbs (Me)/120lbs (Brian), Axle 105lbs (Me)/245lbs (Brian), Log 110lbs (Me)/250lbs (Brian), Block 75lbs (Me)/175lbs (Brian). I have a LOT of work to do in this event seeing as I was not able to make a 100lb log press last month at NH Strongest Man. As a result, I will be working on my overhead pressing with a bunch of assistance work in the next 6 weeks.
  3. Deadlift for Reps – Competition weight is 205lbs (Me)/405lbs (Brian). Brian and I both prefer the sumo stance however NAS regulations only allow a conventional stance. Regardless this should be an easy event for both of us.

I left the gym Saturday feeling great until I realized I locked my keys in the car! Brian’s solution? Crowbar to the window! Luckily a guy at the business across the street came armed with a Slim Jim and opened the door in under 2 seconds. Phew! Crisis averted.

Yesterday I felt like I got hit by a truck. Every inch of my body was revolting particularly my shoulders, triceps and traps. I abandoned my typical diet of fasting until dinner and ate a TON of protein! I downed a couple ibuprofen and this morning I feel much better……just in time for some heavy squats!! I’ll throw a little grip work in there, some cleans and other assistance lifts for a good Day1 Week1 training session! If all else fails, there’s always a 1ton pallet of wood pellets waiting to be brought into the basement! Treat everything like a training session!!

  1. Good for you. I can hardly carry laundry baskets up from the basement.

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